Glazed wafers with chocolate flavor from Belarus are one of the most popular delicacies. They are bought for family tea parties and intimate conversations over a cup of coffee, for holidays, as a treat for friends and colleagues. Among the products of the Shokoladovo trademark, wafers in glaze with caramel or chocolate flavor occupy a special place among our customers. The product line includes a kaleidoscope of different flavors:

- with halva and peanuts;
- with hazelnut flavor;
- creme brulee with peanuts;
- milk chocolate with peanuts;
- milk chocolate in caramel glaze with peanuts;

For the convenience of consumers and wholesale buyers, wafers are sold in full-size and mini-format in boxes weighing 1 and 3 kg, there are also different types of consumer packaging from 200 to 400 g. Products are transported in corrugated trays for maximum preservation of integrity during transportation. Bright packaging with a stylish design makes the product attractive.

Would you like to buy waffles in Minsk in bulk? Order luxury sweets at Montbruk! The high quality of raw materials and finished products, a wide range of flavors and optimal prices will make our cooperation mutually beneficial. To clarify the details, please contact us at the numbers listed in the "Contacts" section.

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