back Cookies of "Chocoladovo" Cocoa + Caramel

Печенье "Шоколадов" Какао+ Карамель 

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Cookies "Chocoladovo" Cocoa+Caramel. New

Our special cookies with double taste will give you double pleasure.

An incredible combination of cookies with cocoa and branded caramel-flavored glaze.

Each pack of Chocoladovo cookies has an amazing taste and an incomparable aroma, which you want to enjoy again and again. We have created a truly magical cookie with your favorite flavor combinations.

High quality standards are guaranteed thanks to the careful selection of ingredients and their competent combination in an incomparable masterpiece of culinary art.

The perfect combination of Cocoa and Caramel flavors will appeal to lovers of high-quality cookies

Quality management system meets the requirements of ISO-9001 Foreign Enterprise

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